About Us

The Goon Squad is a Canadian group of loosely affiliated individuals. Originating in Calgary circa 2011, original members primarily focused on skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and drinking beers. The Squad rapidly expanded across Western Canada gaining new affiliates.

Unlike traditional skate and snowboard crews, the Squad was more inclusive and allowed many different creative individuals access to Squad gear and a mighty fine beer sponsorship. The group grew to include graffiti artists, students, filmers, rappers, actors, painters, surfers and even more skateboarders. Goon Squad is more of a mentality then a true gang. If the RCMP is reading this, we are definitely not a gang. Several goon squad fundraisers were attempted, (pictured in the newspaper article below), and at times there was discussion around creating a nonprofit organization. 



The Goon Squad lives on today in Calgary, Kelowna, Revelstoke, Vancouver, Whistler, The Island and pretty much everywhere in between. Squad affiliates have went on to achieve university degrees, participate in multiple X Games, and Olympic events, purchase homes, start businesses and amazing creative careers.       

The original principles of the Goon Squad stand true. Have as much fun as possible with your friends while continuing to pursue your version of excellence. Checkout our latest release of printed and embroidered gear, and get yourself affiliated. Shred until your dead, and drink the night ahead!